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LASKA cutters are ideal for preparing sausage products, providing extremely high-performance operation within the shortest time.

LASKA cutters are remarkable for their low power consumption and quiet operation; they have a built-in switch cabinet to assure longer service life for all electrical switchgear units and a noise protection cover that muffles operational sound and allows the lowest noise emissions in the production hall.

LASKA cutters are available in versions with or without vacuum (and with nitrogen cooling for an optimal temperature during the working process) and also with or without a boiler (for the preparation of cooked sausage products).

Volume cutter bowl Appropriate product
65 l LASKA K 65
130 l LASKA K 130
200 l LASKA K 200
330 l LASKA K 330
500 l LASKA K 500
750 l LASKA K 750


LASKA grinders of all types can be used universally, and both for frozen meat (in the WWB model for example, entire frozen blocks can be handled without the need for any preliminary pre-crushing) and also for fresh meat.

They are usually put to work in sausage production in the pre-crushing of the meat and bacon ingredients that go into these products. They are also widely used in the preparation of top quality fish products, sauces, of fillings for noodle products and for many other purposes. The optimal cutting performance is the result of a diagonal cut principle, which keeps the cutting blades razor-sharp for remarkably long periods of time.

Holeplate Diameter Appropriate product
130 mm LASKA K 130
Angle Grinder
130 mm LASKA K 130
160 mm LASKA K 160
200 mm LASKA K 200
280 mm LASKA K 280
200 mm LASKA WWR 200
130 mm LASKA WWR 130
Grinder/Angle Grinder for Frozen Meat Blocks
200 mm LASKA WWB 200
300 mm LASKA WWB 300
400 mm LASKA W 400


LASKA mixer-grinders are largely used in the preparation of minced meat products, hamburgers and for sausage products needing a larger grain content and for which they give a very clean cut. The outstanding advantage of mixer-grinders is that a single machine can turn out all the end products required. Especially large mixer shaft diameters allow for intensive and very short mixing times.

If desired the mixing materials that are not to be processed with the grinder-cutting unit can be emptied directly into a standard transport car. Refrigeration facilities are also available for individual requirements.

Angle Mixer Grinders
130 mm LASKA WMW 1330
160 mm LASKA WMW 1680
200 mm LASKA WMW 2080
200 mm LASKA WMW 2012
200 mm LASKA WMW 2020

Frozen Meat Cutters

LASKA frozen meat cutters deliver outstanding cutting performance and very careful handling of the cut material. The direct advantage is that frozen meat can be cut small with a very clear-cut section and with astoundingly low energy consumption.

Another big advantage is for the processing of rounded or spherical frozen meat blocks, which are fixed automatically during the cutting process. The frozen blocks are cut up either by top knife (guillotining) or by two cutting rollers (roller knives) at possible working temperatures of -5°C to -25°C for further processing in the cutter, mincer or mixer. The possibility provided for continuous feeding and the low-noise operation brings advantages that are also greatly valued by our customers.

Black Cross Section up to Appropriate product
Frozen Meat Cutters with Guillotines
520 x 300 mm LASKA G 530
700 x 300 mm LASKA G 740
Frozen Meat Cutters with Cutting Drums
500 x 300 mm LASKA GS 510
600 x 300 mm LASKA GFS 620


The LASKA emulsifier supports the production of finest broiled and cooked sausage products. The use of various hole-plates makes it possible to select the fineness of the sausage meat or emulsion. LASKA emulsifiers are the key to achieving finished products of the highest quality – whether for an extremely fine emulsion, or for a coarse grained product.

The LASKA emulsifier is fitted with user-friendly control elements such as a pivot touch screen offering a choice of languages. The drive elements are in the machine housing and are thus given optimal protection against dirt and soiling. The machine switches off automatically when in no-load state (no product) to preserve the cutting unit.

Holeplate Diameter Appropriate product
175 mm LASKA FZ 175
225 mm LASKA FZ 225


LASKA mixers guarantee a smooth, fast and intensive mixing, they are versatile with a host of uses and are very well suited for the standardising or the mixing of different components.

LASKA mixers are available in a wide range of variants catering for many different requirements, such as vacuum models, heating or refrigerating equipment, water dosage or the controlling of mixing processes.

They are used for preparing many different meat products (e.g. for minced meat and hamburger production, kebab preparation, pâtés and pastries, the kneading of ham chunks etc.), but they are also of the greatest value in many other productive areas (sweets and confectionery production, cheese making, yeast production, animal feed preparation, recycling). The emptying of the mixed materials is fast while the handling of the product is very gentle.

Mixing Hopper Capacity Appropriate product
Mixing Machine with Tiltable Hopper
130 l LASKA ME 130 N
250 l LASKA ME 250 N
500 l LASKA ME 500 N
1000 l LASKA ME 1000 N
Mixer with Side Discharge
1000 l LASKA ME 1000
1500 l LASKA ME 1200
2000 l LASKA ME 2000
3000 l LASKA ME 3000
4500 l LASKA ME 4500
6000 l LASKA ME 6000