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RÜHLE injection centres cure cooked and raw cured products to a high level of accuracy (0.5% variance). Thanks to the savings achieved via the unique handling of the injection liquid, users recover the cost of the machine within a short period of time. This sophisticated generation of machines was developed this millennium and it thus features state-of-the-art technology.

The control computer monitors and documents all relevant process data. The injection quality in particular within the whole piece of meat benefits from the wide-ranging technology. Regardless of differences in consistency, the concentration of the injection is virtually uniform throughout the piece of meat.

In addition to a self-cleaning system, the equipment also offers brine preparation and a steaker, as well as a large number of standard technical aids.

IR 17

Performance : 1,500 kg/h
Row of Needles : 2
Injections : 23mm
Injection volume : 5 - 60%

IR 56

Performance : 5,000 kg/h
Row of Needles : 4
Injection volume : 5 – 80%

IR 112

Performance : 7,000 kg/h
Row of Needles : 4
Injection volume : 3 - 100%


The RÜHLE HighTech Tumbler is a real all-rounder offering chilled tumbling, mixing and marinating. It performs each of these tasks to optimum effect without concentrating on one application at the expense of another.

In recent years, this machine has led the field in butchery. A comprehensive technology package enables computer-controlled adjustment of the machine to the meat currently being processed. All models also come with an automatic feed system.

MGR 400

Filling Capacity : 300 L
Container Size : 400 L
Mixing Arms : 2
Jacketed : YES

MGR 500

Filling Capacity : 400 L
Container Size : 500 L
Mixing Arms : 2
Jacketed : YES

MGR 900

Filling Capacity : 675 L
Container Size : 900 L
Mixing Arms : 2
Jacketed : YES

MGR 1500

Filling Capacity : 900 L
Container Size : 1500 L
Mixing Arms : 2
Jacketed : YES


Cubes, strips or slices can be cut in a variety of sizes. Choose from three sizes of RÜHLE machines to suit your business and operational requirements. For operating requirements of 1 to 5 hours a day, the models SR 1 and SR 1 turbo offer the perfect solution.

For the user who wants top performance with a variety of cutting options, the SR 2 model offers swift conversion possibilities, a high level of performance up to 3000 kg per hour, and a feed and take-off system that enables high working efficiency.

SR 1

Max Cutting Output : 900 kg/h
Section Length : 1-32mm
Sections/min : 80

SR 1 Turbo

Max Cutting Output : 1500 kg/h
Section Length : 1-32mm
Sections/min : 160

SR 2 Turbo

Max Cutting Output : 3000 kg/h
Section Length : 0.5 - 32mm
Sections/min : 320